Role: Renovator – the daughter’s perspective

In order to make our Sandwich Family arrangement work, we have all had to take on new roles. I have been incredibly impressed with my husband, C, who has probably changed roles more than anyone else in our family. Just one of those new roles is Renovator of the House.

C recently finished a complete overhaul of our master suite, including the master bath. He gutted the room completely, moved a wall, and started over from scratch. The only item that remains from the previous bath is the skeleton of the center vanity unit. Everything is brand-new, much of it fabricated entirely by C by himself. Every bolt, screw, tile – and everything else you see here – was placed by hand. The results are exquisite.




My friends have commented that it looks like a spa. They are right, and it feels like a spa, too.

I am one lucky wife.

Leave a comment: What roles do YOU have in your family?

Post written by Kay.


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2 responses to “Role: Renovator – the daughter’s perspective”

  1. That Career Girl says :

    It is gorgeous. I love the black frames on the mirrors. I am the organiser, planner, bargainer, occasional complain-to-retailers-and-merchants-who-have-crossed-us-er, bosser (so my partner would say). He’s the fixer, builder, tinkerer, therapist and put-me-back-in-my-place-er.

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