Peace of Mind Paperwork

We never could have anticipated that my dad, Harv, would die so suddenly in March. Since then, I think we all have become closer. But we have had to go through a lot of grief to get here, which I will write about another time. I still don’t think I’m quite up to writing about that emotional journey, so I will have to save that for another time.


But one of the things we did NOT have to go through was worry about paperwork and legal issues like wills, disposition of bank accounts and how property would change hands. When we began this journey as the Sandwich Family, we very quickly found an expert on elder financial planning to guide us through the legalities and technicalities of our situation. The legal structure and paperwork we had already established as a family was one of the greatest blessings we could have hoped for when Dad was struck ill so swiftly.

If you have not begun to plan for your family’s legal disposition and security, there is no time to start like now. Find a financial planner who is qualified to deal with the complexities of a multigenerational family. Check references to make sure you have found someone who is capable of guiding you, and establish a trusting relationship with him or her or the firm as soon as possible. Give your family the peace of mind that comes from sorting out your affairs, and do it today.

Leave a comment: Do you have a financial planner? What have your experiences working with him or her been like?

Post written by Kay.



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